TIF Board Approves Funds for Foodland Site

Decision paves way toward development of long-vacant grounds

Today, Alderman Kacie Starr Triplett (Ward 6) applauded the Tax Increment Financing Commission’s decision to approve $1.7 million in funds to help develop the Jefferson Avenue Foodland site near Lafayette Square.  The move marks another step toward making the proposed rehab of the 47,000-square-foot former supermarket a reality.  Returning a grocery store to the area and redeveloping the property, which has stood vacant since 2004, has been an chief concern of Triplett’s since she first ran for office five years ago.

“This morning’s TIF board decision is great news for the entire 6th Ward area,” said Triplett.  “These funds won’t just rebuild a store, they’ll transform the entire surrounding community.  For years, I’ve heard the neighborhood’s desire for a close, convenient retail center.  This TIF approval marks an important step forward in the process, and I look forward to working closely with local residents and Green Street Properties as we make this dream into a reality.”

Green Street Properties filed paperwork with the city last November to begin the $6.6 million first phase of the development later this spring.  They also have tentative plans to begin a potential second phase later on.  The company is currently close to completing another development project in the 6th Ward, the LEED-certified building at the corner of Chouteau and Jefferson that will soon house the new headquarters of the Sheetmetal Workers’ Union Local 36, and DynaLabs, a biotechnology company.

The current plan calls for turning the property on Jefferson into a mixed-use development that will house a grocery store, along with other tenants.  Since the previous supermarket closed after being denied a liquor license in 2004, the area has lacked nearby grocery options.  In fact, the site sits within 2000 feet of three separate geographical tracts declared by the US Department of Agriculture to be “food deserts”, areas where healthful, affordable food is difficult to obtain.

Triplett has been assisting local businesses and spurring the development of local neighborhoods as alderman of the 6th Ward since April 2007.  She currently represents part of downtown St. Louis and several south St. Louis neighborhoods.

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