St. Louis Introduces Arch Grants

St. Louis Arch Grants by Michale Ward

Hello everyone my name is Michale Ward, I am so eager to be working in the 6th Ward as an intern for Alderman Kacie Starr Triplett. I am a Senior at Harris Stowe State University majoring in Urban Affairs minor in Urban Studies planning to graduate May, 2012.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the press event, launching the creation of Arch Grants. The Arch Grants Foundation was created to help young entrepreneurs and professionals create businesses and remain in our area.

The Arch Grants is relevant because its a new program offering a $50,000.00 incentive for new successful start ups in downtown St. Louis.

The Arch Grants is a competitive, rigorous process, in addition to the $50,000 cash prize, recipients also receive business mentoring, housing, office, and retail discounts, along with free legal and accounting services. Award recipients will also have  a chance to compete for a second round grant of up to $100,000 .

This is exciting for the City of St. Louis.  The Arch Grants not only creates a national buzz, but allows St. Louis to be the center of creating a strong support  system for local start up companies.

What does Arch Grant mean to me? It gives college graduates an opportunity who are looking for work in the business field to have a great opportunity with Arch grants as they are looking for young entrepreneurs who are willing to stay in the St. Louis area .

I think it also gives residents in the 6th ward an opportunity as well. Downtown is part of the 6th Ward, and this opportunity presents more jobs and more prominence for our community and City.

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